Join industry professionals who are looking to discuss and collaborate on the most current construction topics. Hear from top industry leaders who are taking part in the Mega Projects Series.

Every year, many students attend this event. Use this as an opportunity to share your years of experience with the future leaders of the industry who may become key players in your own company or prove to be significant business partners in the future.

Expand your network with various industry leaders. The program includes a cocktail hour that will allow attendees to make new connections and discuss relevant issues with AEC professionals.


Symposium 2019

Constructing the Unconventional

The 25th Annual USC CMAA Symposium will be the most incredible making of a megacity. Please join us this year for an unforgettable night!

Our students are placed at tables with industry professionals in order to learn more about various companies in the construction industry, in addition to gaining insight from the speaker panel.


Tuesday, November 05


5:00 PM


Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum


The event is free to CMAA members but to attend you must fill out this form and submit a $40 security deposit. The check won't be cashed unless you don't show up, arrive late, or leave early. 

Students can sign up for the Symposium here.


If you are interested in attending our 2018 Symposium, please click below to see our sponsorship levels. Please contact Nayely Gutierrez (nayelygu@usc.edu) or Camila Salomon (salomong@usc.edu) if you have any additional questions regarding sponsorship.

Want to attend individually? Click the link below.

past symposiums

The 20th Annual USC CMAA Construction Management Symposiums focused on “Rebuilding the World Trade Center.” This was the first part of the five-year Mega Project Series.

The 21st Annual USC CMAA Construction Management Symposium focused on the “Los Angeles World Airports Modernization.” This was the second part of the five-year Mega Project Series. 

The 22nd Annual USC CMAA Symposium discussed "Constructing the Future of Healthcare". This was our third installment of our five-year Mega Project Series. 

The 23rd Annual USC CMAA Symposium highlighted the "Exposition Park Redevelopment." This was our fourth part of our five-year Mega Project Series.